Bangkok Drone Workshop starts!!

For those who are willing to learn how to fly drone and basics of drone operations and camera work, I will conduct Drone Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you would like to join, please see the details at the following link and let me know.

Bangkok Drone Workshop Application form

For those who complete the workshop, the Certificate awarded by Phantom Thailand will be given.

drone certificate.jpg

Here is the overview of the workshop.

Bangkok Drone Workshop.jpg

・Basic operation of drones
・Basics of camera work

Everyone who is interested in flying drones!! But if you belong to the below categories, the workshop would be more helpful.
・Begginer(For those who just purchased drones and have a little flight experience. Total flight time is less that 10 hours)
・Mid level(Those who have more that 10 hours flight time)
Note: Those who have more flight time than above and are willing to learn basic skills of drones can, of course, join the workshop.

<Trainer’s profile>

・Drone Pilot/Videographer/Photographer
・He has expertise not only in taking drone footage but regular videography and photography with the experience of TV/filming all over Thailand.

Workshop will be conducted in English
If you speak Thai, the training can be done in Thai as well.

・Your own drone(Fully charged batteries, propellers and anything required for flying drones)
※Condition: It is preferable that you already have Thai drone insurance prior to the workshop. If you have not applied and would like to apply, please describe in the application form.
・Sunscreen(Although the workshop starts early in the morning, the sunshine gets strong around 10AM.)
・Extra clothes
・Workshop fee(Cash only)

Saturday/Sunday/Thai holidays

08:00 Meet at BTS Bang Wa station and depart for the workshop venue
08:45 Arrive at the workshop venue(You can drop by for having breakfast)
09:00 Start workshop
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Resume workshop
15:00 Finish workshop. Leave for Bangkok

※Schedule above may change depending on the traffic.

BTS Bang Wa station, Exit #1

Model aircraft field, suburb of Bangkok about 30 mins away from Bangkok by car(Refer to the photos below)
※The trainer takes you to the venue by car

5,000THB per person

1. It will be informed to each participant whether the workshop will be cancelled or not at 7AM of the workshop day.
2. In case the workshop cannot be continued due to weather condition, the workshop fee will not be reimbursed.
1. After application form submitted, workshop schedule will be adjusted and confirmed
2. Workshop day will be informed to the participant(via email or phone)
3. Each participant to confirm the date
4. Meet on the workshop date

Bangkok Drone Workshop Application form


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