Thailand’s drone licence application form has been translated in English

Every single drone pilot living in Thailand must have been waiting for this.

CAAT(Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand) has finally released the English translated drone license application form.

The attached photo is the one I got at drone race Grandprix held on May7,2017, which is the first drone race competition in Bangkok, Thailand.

Earlier, the application form was provided by the organization in Thai only, which pushed the easiness of application away from Non-Thai speaking drone pilots, however, with this new form launch, all of them will be more comfortable with the application.
Having said that, my concern still remains in terms of process of license issuance after the application submitted as my last application for DJI Phantom had taken so long.

Whether the drone industry in Thailand boosts or not highly depends on the clarity and smoothness of the license issuance process since drones are fast glowing industry and drone manufacturing companies release new models very quickly.

Hope this process will get smoother so that the drone industry in Thailand boosts further as one of the drone pilots living in Thailand.


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