Where is CAAT office located? | タイ民間航空当局CAATのオフィスはどこにあるの?


As you might be aware, all people who would like to fly drones in Thailand, regardless of Thai local citizen, expats or tourists, have to register their drones to CAAT(Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand) otherwise you will violate Thailand Drone Laws as it requires RPA(Remotely Piloted Aircraft) pilots to do so if the aircrafts have camera.


So the question is, where can I register my drones?


CAAT Office

According to CAAT website, drones can be registered at CAAT office. 3rd floor is for drone registration(licence).

I attach their office address with google map.


107 ถนน กำแพงเพชร 6 Khwaeng Talat Bang Khen, Khet Lak Si, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10210, Thailand


Application form

Application form for drone registration can be downloaded from below link.

However, additional document such as passport and work permit might be required at the registration. I am not sure what the document requirements are as I have not registered my drones by myself. (I asked an agent to register my drones. )

Please check by yourself what document is required before getting there. Contact information is mentioned above.



How to get there?

Although Thailand has relatively advanced railway system in South East Asia, there is no way to get to CAAT office by train.

2 ways getting there.


1.Local Bus

Take the BTS Sukhumvit line to Mochit station and get the local buses. There is a lot of local buses such as No510 and 555 going near CAAT office.

However, if you are not used to getting local bus in Thailand, you might be confused where to get off and how to get off. Especially, if it is the first time for you to get there, you do not know whether you are getting near the office or not.  I would recommend getting there by 2nd option which is below.



Uber is probably the best way to go anywhere unfamiliar to you as GPS navigates drivers where to go with clear fares to be informed before you get in cars.

As I checked, the fare will be around  200THB to 300THB from the center of Bangkok.

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 19.26.36


How long does it take to get drones registered?

Well, this is the hardest question to answer as I have never tried registering drones by myself, however, I would expect taking around 3 months to complete registration process.

You need to submit application form(and probably other document) to CAAT and CAAT will proceed to submit the relevant document to at least 3 ministry. They will also check your background like you are not on any criminal records or you have never been denied to enter Thailand. Once the processes prove that you are clean, then drone licence will be issued.

I have registered 2 drones(Both DJI drones), using an agent and it took 6 months for the first drone and 3 and a half months for the 2nd.


I am currently on my way to try drone registration by myself. Once everything gets clear, I will let you know on this blog.




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